Windows 10 Overtakes 7

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our readers.

In December 2018, more than three years since its launch, Windows 10 finally overtook Windows 7 as the most popular Microsoft operating system. According to web analytics firm NetMarketShare, in December 39.22% of all Windows PCs were running Windows 10 and 36.90% were running Windows 7. Overall, Windows was by far the most popular desktop OS, with 86.2% market share.

Whilst this shift has always been inevitable, particularly with the January 2020 end-of-support deadline for Windows 7 drawing closer, it still represents a watershed moment for Microsoft and their flagship operating system.

As the vast majority of our customers are traditional desktop and laptop PC users, we still encounter negativity towards Windows 10. Much of this is down to Microsoft’s changes to its interface from Windows 8 onwards in a bid to improve performance on mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.

In our opinion, whilst never likely to be as simple to use as Windows 7, Windows 10 provides a fast, efficient, well thought out operating system which crucially includes a resurrection of the old ‘Start’ button. Most importantly, updating to Windows 10 offers the user peace of mind that they have the most secure Microsoft Operating System.

Keep your PC up to date and use it with confidence.


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